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Hi Neidelyn! I love your blog and your style and was wondering, what do you think I should wear to a summer wedding? My style is similar to yours just a bit more casual. Thanks! <3
by Anonymous

Hey! Thank you so much for your kind words. As your what you should wear, when I think summer wedding, I think light & feminine. Look for fabrics like chiffon or lace! If you’re looking for an affordable version, check out Forever 21 for dresses. They have some really nice ones (however the quality sucks, but for the price it’s worth it) 

  • I’d pair this one with cobalt blue pumps. Plus its very flattering!
  • I love how simple this one is. I’d wear a huge statement necklace and keep the shoes black
  • Also if you’re looking for something designer, check out Rent the Runway. Some of my favorites are this, this, and this 

Hope this helps!